ANNOUNCEMENT - Mozilla Firebird partitions to open

Effective 11/10/2003, the mozilla/browser, mozilla/chrome and mozilla/toolkit directories will no longer have CVS access restrictions imposed by despot. The intent of this change is to improve communication channels between front end and back end developers. With the opening of the partition, the following requirements are imposed for all those wishing to check in who are not "Peers" (as defined by despot):

The peers at present are:

Email Bugmail (owner)

Urgent/API Change Review

For review of high priority changes such as Gecko API changes and security bugs, please request the review of in Bugzilla. The Peers are subscribed to this list and will treat requests made to it as high priority. This list is NOT for small feature or bug fixes specific to the Firebird product. For reviews of that type, please solicit review directly from one of the peers.

Ben Goodger, on behalf of Peers