Firefox 1.0 Feature Work

Ben Goodger, 2004/04/14



XPCOM, File Layout

Profile Components - darin, bsmedberg
Need to be able to register components (bug 241155) that live in various locations in profile, and deregister. Also encompasses restartable XPCOM, profile system. (bug 239929)
Need a way to restart the app if incompatibilities were detected (bug 241712)


XPCOM interface to XPInstall - ben
Installation of Extensions in Firefox using extension.rdf - ben
XPInstall needs to pass Extension Manager a stream to contained rdf file that it can use to install from. ben
Uninstallation - ben
API to XPInstall- ben
Needed for XPCOM components and services to be able to invoke certain XPInstall functionality
Bulletproof install/uninstall
Command Line Global Install - ben
Remove Global install as an install option - extension.rdf types default to profile, command line option (-install-global foo.xpi) for sysadmins.
Content types for extensions and themes for different applications - ben, mscott
Allows install into other apps from the browser, e.g. application/x-xpinstall;app=thunderbird - app needs to register as a handler for that content type and then uses a command line handler to invoke itself and run the profile-install. Need to check across various browsers to ensure helper app dispatch based on this type of content type mapping is performed.
Fixed, Needs Checking In:

Extension Manager

Startup Checking - ben
Checking for Enable/Disable/Install/Uninstall cases and performing appropriate operations.
Version Mismatch Checking - ben
Startup code to verify version is correct in EM
Remove Extension and Theme Manager from Preferences
Outstanding Issues:
Hook up Update Wizard to install/update functions exposed by new XPInstall API
All the XCurProcDir locations - make Global extensions work
Safe Mode
Need to get Theme Manager set up, go on a merry spree through nsExtensionManager whacking numerous assumptions made that items are extensions.
Preventing themes and extensions from being uninstalled or disabled. Add cmd line option to lock an extension.
Recovery Mode
If no ~/profile/Extensions or no bin/Extensions, remove ~/profile/chrome/chrome.rdf and ~/profile/chrome/overlayinfo to force a regeneration from installed-chrome.txt
Un-break Update UI, make Mismatch work for Themes
Broken by theme horkage
Theme switching
Cmd Line Theme Installation
MIME Handling/Install on Windows
Installed-chrome.txt analog
For DELAYED_CHROME style entity in install scripts for app installers - we need some way to have the default theme register itself in the list, same with any extensions we or partners decide to bundle
Better UI Feedback for Install/Uninstall
Add Fetal Extension entries to list for UI feedback, show special feedback for death's door extensions rather than remove from list.
Disable Old Extensions
Hook download up to EM
Disconnect from download manager
Clean up error notifications in update wizard
Global Command Line Flags from ctor, not after profile

Client-Web Interaction

Fix Manual Update Checking - ben


Full Client Update - ben
Grammar for indicating update severity
Extension Update - ben
Common scheme used by version mismatch checking
Unified Notification Scheme - ben
Status bar type notification showing updates available
Outstanding Issues:
Automatic Severity Synthesis - perhaps show the wizard UI when a new version is available as this is a pretty major event.
Common Version Checking shared between extension and app update based on major.minor.sub.[+]
Verify timeout based background checking works.

Artwork Requirements


Website UE - webteam, ben, et al.
Bring Website UI into compliance with UE docs
Deployment Strategy - myk, ben, webteam
Need to get subdomain set up, applications installed, software running - currently working on getting software installed on rodan.
Linking - ben
Chrome needs to link to umo, as does something from Extension UI and help menu

XPInstall Security

Permission Manager XPInstall - dveditz, ben (back end - bug 240552, front end - 241705)

At risk, or out

Good UI, Future Planning

Options UI reorg - ben

  • More logical organization of options panels
  • Better presentation of security options and bring back Master Password setting UI
  • Implications for GNOME/Mac UE compliance

    Brendan, Community Fetishes

    Resumable Downloading - darin, bz, biesi, ben