Firefox 2: Safer, Faster, Better

Ben Goodger


This is a filter of the Firefox2 requirements page. It represents some of the things I find most interesting about the Firefox 2 release. See this blog post for more information.


Firefox's tag line is "Safer, Faster, Better". So far, we have delivered two releases that underline this philosophy. Now we look to Firefox 2, a new user-feature oriented release. Firefox 2 should continue to uphold these pillars, in the following ways:


Firefox's architecture has always helped prevent users from making the wrong decisions online. Now Firefox 2 actively warns users about shady parts of the web with Identity Fraud Protection.


Firefox 2 builds on its foundation of efficiency and simplicity with key new features that aid user efficiency when searching, browsing and multitasking.


Firefox 2 has many new features which make it easier to have fun and be productive on the web.


Firefox 2 will have the following banner features: (It goes without saying that a clear migration path for existing data sets is a requirement)


Firefox 2 will make it easier for users to discover and use the integrated search field to search, and make the ability to customize it to suit their tastes more obvious.

Retracing Your Steps

Firefox 2 will make it easier to add, find and manage bookmarks, and make improvements to history search and navigation. The emphasis is on reducing the overhead to bookmark pages quickly, adding value to the action of bookmarking a page, making finding visited and bookmarked pages easier, and provide sophisticated tools to power users and extension developers to truly customize the capabilities of their browser.


Firefox 2 will enhance the user's ability to manage multiple tasks with improved tabbed browsing.

Being Informed

Firefox 2 will make it easier to subscribe to sites with dynamic content, either through the browser's Live Bookmarks system, or using the user's choice of reader (whether it be a desktop application or a web reader).

Being Productive

Firefox 2 helps reduce the barrier between desktop and web applications by providing powerful functionality that had previously only been available to desktop applications.

Comfort & Convenience

Firefox 2 will have subtle improvements to several areas of the browser that make it "just work better":

Fraud Protection

Firefox 2 will protect users from identity theft and other fraud by alerting them when they visit a site that is known to be suspicious.

That New Car Smell

Firefox 2 will feature an updated visual appearance that instantly tells users they are using a new version of their favorite browser.

Other Activities and Features

Omitted are features that aid other users such as institutional deployment, extension authors, etc.